Tuleap helps teams to deliver awesome applications, better, faster, and easier. Here you plan, track, code, and collaborate on software projects.

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Discover Tuleap pure awesomeness

Plan and monitor projects

  • Plan releases and assign tasks
  • Monitor project progress and remaining work
  • Model Tuleap to your process: Agile, Lean, Waterfall or custom methods and meet your business compliance
  • Get full traceability on changes
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Track, trace, link everything

A powerful tracking system with extensive configuration capabilities

  • Track any type of artifact: requirements, risks, stories, tasks, bugs…
  • Create your own trackers very easily with a dedicated UI
  • Trace and link artifacts back to source code, builds, documents, discussions, releases & more
  • Normalize processes with tracker templates
  • Configure workflows to set up automatic actions
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Code & build with renowned tools

  • Browse, manage and search your source code with Git, Subversion or CVS
  • View code differences between versions
  • Automate builds and tests with Hudson-Jenkins for continuous integration
  • Organize and share releases with the delivery manager
  • Follow latest commits, continous integration status and recent releases with dashboard widgets
  • Link source code and builds back to bugs, tasks, documents, releases…

Create, version and collaborate on documents

  • Centralize project documents from a single online space
  • Upload files, create embedded rich text documents and wiki pages
  • Compare document versions and track history
  • Guide project members through your content process with templates and sample files
  • Organize document reviews with approval workflow
  • Keep your content safe and secure and decide who can modify what
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Stay tuned, Share knowledge & Discuss

  • Leverage integrated per-project tools: forums, instant messaging, mailing-lists, news, RSS feeds
  • Discuss ideas in forums and mailing lists with flexible subscription and management
  • Leverage per-project instant messaging rooms for real-time discussions
  • Within discussions, create shortcuts for direct access to project items you are mentioning
  • Share news of your project with other members and stay tuned
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